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POP WARRIOR is a newsletter that delivers a bi-weekly dose of feminism, feelings, and pop culture directly to your inbox. Celebrating the power of pop culture, and featuring Sarah's unique blend of interesting links, funny GIFs, heartfelt musings, and more!

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  • We're Living in a Post-Envelopegate World (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 17; published March 2, 2017)                         An essay on the debacle of the Oscars 2017 Best Picture announcement
  • How to Run a Marathon (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 16; published February 2, 2017)                                                                An essay on resistance fatigue
  • New Year's Resolution (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 15; published January 19, 2017                                                               A personal essay about Twitter and resolving to be loud
  • Pop of Holiday Cheer (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 14; published December 22, 2016)                                                 A roundup of happy and inspiring links
  • Still Nasty (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 12; published November 10, 2016)                                                                       Reactions and actions after the 2016 presidential election
  • Root, Root, Root for the Home Team (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 11; published November 2, 2016)                             A personal essay about the Chicago Cubs and the World Series
  • your computer warned you (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 5; published July 21, 2016)                                                    A visual poem about exhaustion
  • Two Men Kissed (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 3; published June 23, 2016)                                                                  An essay on the Orlando shooting, allyship, and speaking up
  • Granny Panties and Passion (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 2; published June 9, 2016)                                                 An essay on the "right" kind of activism
  • Welcome to Pop Warrior (from Pop Warrior, Issue No. 1; published May 26, 2016)                                                         Introduction to Pop Warrior!