Sarah recently completed her first feature-length screenplay, Ithaca

Ithaca tells the story of Miranda, a recent college graduate who must travel to the home of her estranged father when he is in a near-fatal accident. Along the way as Miranda deals with the men in her life, she confronts her family's past and grows into her own future.

Read an excerpt of Ithaca here.

filmmaker reel

film resume

We Speak We Stand Bystander Intervention Training Video - Editor                                                             May - June 2015

Wesleyan Senior Thesis Film: Baby Shoes Director of Photography                                                           November 2014

Wesleyan Senior Thesis Film: Limanora - Producer                                                                         October - November 2014

Comedy Short: Sisters of Girls  - Director of Photography, Editor                                                                 November 2013

Wesleyan Senior Thesis Film: Visitor - Director of Photography                                                                     November 2013

Short Film: Ice Cream Revisited - Director, Writer, Editor                                                                           March - April 2013

Short Film: Confession - Director of Photography                                                                                                   March 2013

Wesleyan Senior Thesis Film: Sing a Little Song With Me - Production Assistant                                             October 2012

Short Film: Time Capsule - Director, Writer, Producer, Editor                                                                      July - August 2012