Sarah writes about feminism, feelings, pop culture and everything in between. Her work takes the form of teleplays, screenplays, essays, memoirs, fiction, poetry, and more.

Sarah recently completed her first feature-length screenplay, Ithaca

Ithaca tells the story of Miranda, a recent college graduate who must travel to the home of her estranged father when he is in a near-fatal accident. Along the way as Miranda deals with the men in her life, she confronts her family's past and grows into her own future.

Read an excerpt of Ithaca here.

In addition to her newsletter and Medium, Sarah's writing has been featured in several publications. Here are some favorites.

Personal Essays

Feminism and Sexuality

  • Why Zines Are Feminist (And What a Zine Is!) (HelloFlo)
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  • Why It Matters When Companies Take a Stance on Trans Rights (HelloFlo)

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Film, TV, and Pop Culture

  • Anomalisa and the (Fe)Male Gaze (REELYDOPEBitch Flicks)
  • Lena Dunham and the Creator's "Less-Than-Perfect" Body on Screen (Bitch Flicks)
  • Girls: Season Five, Episode One  (REELYDOPE)
  • How the TV Show ‘New Girl’ Makes a Bold Feminist Statement This Season (HelloFlo)
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